Pipeline Services
Pre-commissioning & Commissioning:
  • Pre-commissioning and Commissioning:
    • Cleaning Maintenance, Pigging, Gauging, Flooding, Hydrotesting, Dewatering, Drying (Air / Vacuum), Leaks / Nitrogen Testing.
  • De-commissioning:
    • Flushing, Degassing, Deoiling, Flooding, Preservation and Abandonment.
Offshore Transportation
and Installation (OIC)
  • Pipeline / Riser / Submarine Cable Installation.
  • Transportation and Installation of Offshore Structures.
  • Shore Approach.
  • Pipeline and Structure Repairs.
  • Riser Guard Installations.
Topside Major Maintenance
and Hook-up Commissioning
  • Onshore pre-fabrication work for structural steel and process piping
  • Offshore Hook-up, Tie Ins and Commissioning of pre-fabricated structural steel, process piping, mechanical equipment, electrical system and instrument control system for topside of offshore oil & gas production facilities.
  • Maintenance Blasting and Painting work.
EPCC Onshore Pipeline & Construction
  • Full EPCC of Onshore Gas Transmission Pipeline Construction.
  • Mechanical and Piping Erection for onshore process plant.
  • Minor Fabrication services.
  • Shutdown Maintenance Services.
  • EPCC of small to medium size process facilities.
Underwater Services
  • DPDSV Services.
  • Subsea Underwater Services and Maintenance.
  • Underwater Repair.
Ship Management & Chartering
  • Pipelaying Barge.
  • Derrick Lay Barge.
  • Accommodation Work Barge.
  • Work Boat.